Episode #1:   Why Every Teacher Needs to Know About Trauma

DECEMBER 11, 2019 by Julia Rose





Let's start with: WHY?


Why become a trauma-informed teacher? Why does this matter? What's at stake if we don't? 

Whether you’re looking to build better relationships with your students, or affect the Achievement Gap, or develop a more effective classroom management approach — it all comes back to being trauma-informed.

When it comes to building a successful teaching career, there’s no doubt that you’re going to have to figure out effective ways to reach your students so that you can teach them. But that doesn’t necessarily mean cracking open a Dummies book to figure out the latest and greats "tips and tricks" for teaching your students. 

In fact, most educators desperately need to know deeper truths and science and more effective approaches to working with their struggling students, which is why I’m sharing my thoughts on Why every teacher needs to know about trauma.

And because y'all know I love me a good challenge...

I want to challenge you to share this episode with a fellow teacher who might be on the fence about what this "trauma-informed" thing really is all about.

>> Start a conversation.

>> Create a thread. 

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And let's start moving the needle together toward getting our students - AND TEACHERS - the support and resources they need. 

Go ahead and start sharing this knowledge to start creating real impact for your students and in your career!

You’ll learn…

  1. A common belief that keeps people trauma-ignorant.
  2. Three reasons why you can anticipate teaching traumatized students.
  3. What trauma has to do with Classroom Management and Academic Performance.

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