April 8, 2020 by Julia Rose 



Are you in need of a leader? Do you find yourself wanting someone at the helm telling you how to most effectively serve your students and their families right now?

Well, my guest today - Principal Mathew Portell - is one of those leaders.

Principal Portell is the host of the Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast and the founder of the TIEN Group, which has reached over 21k educators around the globe.

His innovative trauma-informed pilot school - Fall-Hamilton Elementary in Nashville, Tennessee - has been featured on NPR, PBS and in Edutopia. 

And recently, shortly after his school was closed due to COVID-19, he sent out a powerful and purposeful letter to the caregivers of his students. (You can find a readable copy of the letter below.) He urged them to set aside the typical academic pressures and focus instead on taking care of themselves and their families. 

As soon as I read his letter, I knew I had to have him on the show. Take a look at what we talked about...

  • Why academics are not the top priority while sheltering in place. 
  • How rare and important "systemic validation" is, and what it can mean for students and families.  
  • How Principal Portell is taking care of himself during this COVID-19 school shutdown.
  • All about "Operation Every Family" and this principal's mission to connect with each and every family on a regular basis.

Check out Principal Portell's letter below!




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