April 16, 2020 by Julia Rose 



The United Nations has called it: "The Shadow Pandemic." And it's not referring to the catastrophic impact on the economy.

What is ravaging lives in families and homes around world is something that pre-existed Coronavirus...

It's Domestic Violence.

So today's guest, Kristen Thomas - Training & Development Manager at the National Domestic Violence Hotline - is here to talk about the heightened challenges survivors find themselves in, and the ways in which they and helpers are able to access supports during COVID-19.

Take a look at what we discussed...

  • The support that is available to victims, survivors and helpers no matter what - whether they want to leave the violence or not - and why this is important to know.
  • The unique hurdles COVID-19 has presented for survivors and families who are attempting to leave violent situations. 
  • Why one size does NOT fit all when helping individuals and families who are navigating safety from Domestic Violence.
  • How you can reach out now to speak with someone at the National Domestic Violence Hotline to receive personalized support in curating your own particular Safety Plan that will work for you in your exact situation. 


And if you are in a DV situation, here's my message to you: You are not alone. You don't have to do this alone. There are people out here who want and are ready to support you. And even if you don't feel it yourself right now, there's love and support for you here. <3





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