Episode #2: The #1 Thing That Will Stop You in Your Trauma-Informed Teaching Tracks (And the Tool to Help You Overcome It)

DECEMBER 18, 2019 by Julia Rose





Let's be honest... When it comes to teaching and dealing with challenging students, feeling Overwhelmed is just part of the job. It totally and completely sucks... Don't get me wrong! But I think we can all agree that it's no surprise that teachers often feel Overwhelmed. 

By the job itself, of course. But also by all that emotional baggage that students carry into the classroom. And not to mention the very idea of becoming "trauma-informed" and learning about Childhood Trauma and how it's impacting your students.

And yet - I think we can ALSO all agree that: Ultimately, we want that Overwhelm to EAT. OUR. DUST!

And believe it or not, I actually created a tool to help teachers like you do exactly that ;-)

Becoming a "trauma-informed" teacher doesn't need to be the intimidating, decades-long, arduous journey that it can sometimes seem like it has to be.

Sure, it's all a process. And yes, change can take time. But it's also a process that can be pretty simple. And so, I created a simple tool to help you visualize what this process will actually look like for you.

The tool is called: The Path of Progress.

Its the 6-Stage process that you'll be going through on your journey to becoming "trauma-informed."

So, let's break down the 6 Stages:

  • Stage 1: STORY
  • Stage 3: SKILL SET
  • Stage 4: SUPPORT
  • Stage 5: STRUCTURE
  • Stage 6: SCHOOL

And each of these stages has different sub-stages:

  • Early-Stage
  • Mid-Stage
  • End-Stage

These sub-stages help you understand where exactly you are within each particular stage. And it helps you orient to where it is you need to go next. 

These 6 stages in the The Path of Progress™ are a powerful and effective way to mark your steps, measure your progress and identify areas that require improvement and support. 

I think you'll love what you here in this week's episode. 

In it, you’ll learn…

  1. The basic breakdown of each stage.
  2. How these stages can prevent the Overwhelm that comes with this type of training. 
  3. How I chose the name "The Path of Progress™" and why it's fitting for these endeavours!

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