October 26, 2020 by Julia Rose 




I recorded this episode while hiking. If I didn't do it then, I knew it wasn't going to happen.

My sense of needing to be "perfect" and "professional" has kept me from showing up to this podcast over the last several months. And in the not showing up, everyone suffers... me (with my impossible self-standards), you (who don't get any of the nuggets of info or support I have to offer), and your students (who don't get the trickle-down effects of a teacher who's get the support that she/they/he needs). 

So, this episode is scrappy and yet, it'll probably end up being one of my best. Because I talk about my new vision of showing up as a "professional," and how important that is for trauma-informed care of any kind. 

We all need honesty and vulnerability in spades right now... so here I am. Meeting you in this space. I hope it helps and gives you permission to do the same.


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • My shift in what I think being a "professional" looks like
  • Why trying to "button-up" our messiness is unsustainable, and why we might as well make room for it instead
  • Why showing up as fully fallible is deeply valuable and important to trauma-informed teaching 






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