December 14, 2020 by Julia Rose 




It's pervasive...

It's insidious...

And it might be...

(if we're being honest here)

...a compelling, even tempting self-narrative for many of us white folx .

White Savior Complex (WSC) is alive and well, and it's a storyline that on the surface might appear to be helpful, but is actually deeply harmful to those it reaches.  

In this episode, I speak with teacher-turned-PhD student, Ms. Duane, about WSC and the ways it manifests and impacts the students and families we serve. 

She walks us through the 5 actionable ways that white educators can begin combating WSC in ourselves and why this is so important. Here's how they breakdown:

  1. Stop deflecting and start looking inward
  2. Stop using vague language and instead start using specific, clear and precise language 
  3. Listen and learn from the people of color who are expending emotional energy speaking and educating on these matters
  4. Believe and take in what they’re saying
  5. De-center yourself from the narrative and instead look for and amplify the expertise and wisdom from the students, families and communities you serve. 


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • People of color don't want or need to be "saved."
  • We - as their teacher or provider - cannot possibly be a better support than those individuals already within their community.
  • “We should not want to save kids. If you are in this profession to save a child, you are in the wrong profession. We are here to support and love and advocate and facilitate and enrich… but we are not their saviors.” - Ms. Duane


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 Happy listening! (And let's keep workin'!)




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