April 20, 2021 by Julia Rose 





Trust. Sometimes we adults take this bonding mechanism for granted. We assume it will occur naturally over the course of a relationship.

Well, for kids who've experienced harm from the folks who are there to keep them safe, the idea of "trust" becomes infinitely more complicated.

In this episode, I share with you a brief mini-training I did for my membership community a few years ago (it's now deceased - tear*), and it's all about how to build trust with distrustful students.

I offer you three Guiding Principles around building trust, and also walk you through the VADER acronym to help you drill in on certain ingredients required in the recipe for Trust.

Want to make this episode actionable? I've got you covered! As an awesome extra freebie, I'm giving you full access to the actual mini-training! Go ahead and click below for free and full access to the mini-training video and download:



Meaningful Highlights from this Episode:

  • Trust takes time.
  • Trust is earned.
  • Trust is earned in our worst moments. 



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