April 28, 2021 by Julia Rose 




“My uncle is a really yucky man...”

“My mom’s been drinking a lot lately…”

“I saw Jayden spit in Chris’s face…”

“My grandparents are never home to put me to bed…”


Personal disclosures from students come in many different forms, and is something every teacher will undoubtedly encounter in their career.

And yet, many teachers feel completely overwhelmed by the idea of how to best navigate such sensitive moments respectfully and appropriately.

In this episode, you’ll hear another mini-training I did with teachers inside my old membership community. In it, we’ll walk through how you can handle a student disclosure with care and compassion, the three steps that you can use to scaffold your response, and some nuanced considerations that will keep you headed on the right path.

Most importantly, we will demystify the moment when a student discloses some private, intimate and/or concerning information, and support you as their teacher in navigating that conversation with groundedness, humanity and clarity about the order of priorities.

Want to make this episode actionable? I've got you covered! As an awesome extra freebie, I'm giving you full access to the actual mini-training! Go ahead and click below for free and full access to the mini-training video and download:



Meaningful Highlights from this Episode:

  • We need to respond to the Human first.
  • The potential in the moment of disclosure could have lifelong implications.
  • No matter what, having to make a report can compromise safety within the relationship. 



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