[ATTENTION] It has come to my attention that the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office is investigating sexual assault allegations against previous guest, Adam Foss. Foss denies the allegations. [Details at WBUR]

Sexual assault is a criminal matter, and is something I work tirelessly with my direct clients to heal from. Moreover, I know how painstakingly hard it is for survivors to speak out and to be believed. With this said, I am not not equipped to review these allegations in any authoritative capacity. I have wrestled with whether to remove the interview or not, and I understand and respect the perspective of those who think this would be best. I've concluded that while the investigation is ongoing, the correct action is to leave the episode online and to alert potential listeners that there are disputed allegations against the speaker. I will be revisiting this decision once the judicial process is completed.



June 4, 2020 by Julia Rose 




Former Assistant District Attorney in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Boston, Massachusetts and now Founder & Executive Director of Prosecutor Impact, Adam Foss, is here to outline the “School to Prison Pipeline” and help teachers understand how punitive disciplinary practices and Zero Tolerance Policies increase a child’s risk of coming into contact with the criminal justice system and also tend to be imposed more frequently upon students of color.

Foss also identifies five (5) actionable ways that educators can actively work to disrupt this pipeline and use their “Shields of Privilege” to protect their students from it and begin dismantling these ingrained systems of oppression that continue to harm students in their own schools, and after they leave them.


Meaningful Highlights from this Episode:

  • The School to Prison Pipeline - What it is, How it functions, and Who it affects most.
  • 5 Ways you can use your “Shield of Privilege” to actively protect your students from the harms of the STPP.
  • Why being “woke” isn’t enough, and what you can do instead to get more mentally, emotionally and physically proximate to the lives of others. 


Want to make this episode actionable? I've got you covered! I created a breakdown for you of the 5 Action-Steps Adam outlined for us in this episode Check out this awesome freebie below:



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