June 18, 2020 by Julia Rose 



One of the most important components of trauma-informed teaching is the SUPPORT FOR TEACHERS that helps them do this work.

Without it, teachers quickly become vulnerable to burnout, compassion fatigue, unresolved grief and vicarious trauma.

WITH that support, however, trauma-informed teaching can become one of the most rich and meaningful professions a person can pursue!

Here as our guest today is Julia Bantimba, a trauma-informed Reflective Supervisor and Occupational Therapist in Oakland, California. She's here to introduce our audience to two important tools for teachers:

1) Reflective Supervision

2) Reflective Supervision On-the-Go

Julia developed this approach herself after identifying the near-impossible time-constraints that prevented she and her teachers from carving out chunks of time for traditional teacher supervision. 

So instead, she created an on-the-go model!

The results? 

Practical, reflective and effective supervision.

Take a listen now!




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