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As a Trauma Therapist, Trainer and Consultant, Julia Rose Polk, LMFT has worked with educators, staff teams, schools and districts around the world on how to integrate trauma-informed care into their learning environments and transform their institutions into human-centered, biologically-respectful spaces for students, staff and administrators alike. 

Whether you are looking for a Keynote Speaker, an in-depth Workshop or a Break-Out Session for your conference or event, Julia Rose Polk is excited to discover how she can best serve you and your community. Let her speak to your audience about healing and transforming childhood trauma in your school today!

"Julia Rose is a repeat presenter at my conferences and she has always delivered. Her sessions are always some of the most highly-rated... People love her! They even end up following her and hiring her for their own communities. I highly recommend hiring her for your event!"

Denise Moody, Founder of Resilience Impact
Trauma-Informed Schools Conference

 About Julia Rose Polk, LMFT

As an on-the-ground practitioner and speaker on treating childhood trauma, Julia Rose Polk aims to provide your audience with a transformative experience that includes the following elements: 

RELATIONAL TOOLS - More than any other intervention, creating a sense of safety and connection within our relationships is what trauma-informed care centers around. So, by equipping educators with tools supporting attunement, responsiveness, regulation and de-escalation, they become empowered to navigate an array of student experience and behavior in humane and effective ways. 

REAL-WORLD EXAMPLES - By grounding in real-world practice examples and clinical progress stories, educators can learn directly from Julia Rose practical and approachable ways of applying this knowledge, and will leave with a sense of I-can-do-that-too!

REGULATORY GUIDANCE - Educators have the dual-task of learning how to best support student regulation, while also learning how to regulate themselves in inherently stressful workplace environments and situations. Helping educators identify the key elements of effective regulation leaves them feeling empowered and clear about supporting regulation in themselves and their students.

RELEVENT INFORMATION - Trauma experienced in childhood directly affects learning, brain development, social engagement and behavior. Obtaining basic knowledge about neuroscience and the fundamentals of trauma-responsive care will directly affect a teacher's experience in the classroom and their ability to effectively work with a variety of students - regardless of traumatic history or background.


"After Julia Rose came and spoke to my Student Teachers, I knew that they'd experienced something that would stay with them for the rest of their careers. She gave them a structure through which they could move away from the narrow lens of trying to just 'manage behavior' and instead start to include and nurture relationships as a central and guiding force for their work in the classrooms. If you’re on the fence about hiring Julia Rose as your speaker… Jump! You needed her yesterday.

Francene Watson, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor 
Washington State University

Speaking Topics

Julia Rose speaks on an array of topics under the umbrella of trauma-informed care.
Her most sought-after speaking topics include:


The Seven Stages for Building Trauma-Informed
Teachers, Classrooms and Schools

Learn the stage-by-stage approach to integrating trauma-informed practices 
into every level of your school system.
 Julia Rose's Path of Progress (TM) has guided agencies and institutions down the specific 7-stage path to comprehensive change at every level.

Relational Interventions:
The “Help Me, Help You” Engagement Strategy

Take a deep dive into relational interventions and why they are so essential (and effective)
for use with students who've experienced trauma and relational injury.
 Dial in on how this 3-step approach to resolving conflict will leave you and your students feeling respected, protected and connected!

The Impact of Violence on the Developing Brain

We cannot discuss childhood trauma without also looking at one of its greatest drivers: Violence. Reaching every level of human experience - personal, familial, communal and societal - you get to explore how this touches the youngest humans and affects them throughout the lifespan. Explore the implications of exposure to violence in the earliest years, and how it affects brain development
and human behavior, as well as what we can do to offset deleterious outcomes.

Six Simple Tools for De-Escalation

Prepare to learn the basic elements of de-escalation and how to safely and respectfully navigate
even the most stressful and charged moments with students. This event will leave you feeling clear, empowered and prepared to meet your students in the midst of dysregulated moments.


The most effective presentation is one that resonates with both the head and the heart, and which specifically addresses and responds to an audience’s needs. Julia Rose would love to visit with you to learn more about your conference or organization and how we can best work together to accomplish your goals for your event.

"It’s really hard to hold the attention of a virtual audience, but Julia Rose did exactly that. After she presented for us, so many attendees reached out to me afterward to ask that she come back again, or to inquire about hiring her for their own school communities. This is exactly what I want for my attendees - for them to feel engaged and inspired to learn more!"

Demica Sanders, PhDDirector of Professional Learning 
Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools


Virtual & In-Person

Julia Rose is excited to offer compelling speeches to her audiences both virtually and in-person. Depending on the modality that will best serve your event, she is moved to curate an experience that is meaningful, engaging and illuminating for your audience.



“We had Julia Rose come speak to our district both in-person and virtually, and while there was just such incredible value to having the in-person trainings, we were completely surprised at how engaging her virtual trainings were, too. The comments were lit up and the teachers were actively participating. That just doesn't usually happen in virtual trainings, and is super impressive in my world."

Jeff Johnson, Director of Instruction 
Mountain Home School District

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