Episode #3: [PODCAST MINI-SERIES] Stage 1 - Getting the "Story" Straight About Trauma

DECEMBER 25, 2019 by Julia Rose





I was going to call this first stage on The Path of Progress: "Science." Because, in reality, most of this stage is about you getting current on what cutting-edge science has to tell us about how our students' experiences affect their brains, bodies and behavior.

But then I thought more about it and that name didn't quite seem to capture what this stage is really about.

This stage is - most fundamentally - about changing the Story in your head. 

It's really about how the science changes your worldview. Your understanding. Your perceptions and ideas about What your students are doing and Why.

So, I named this first stage: "Story." Because that's where it all begins... in letting all the science and research and the vast bodies of data out there start to shift our own stories about humans - especially the young ones - and how we operate. 

So, if you're wanting to track where YOU are in Stage 1: Story, take a look at each of these sub-stages to determine where you are today and where you'll be moving to next: 

  • Early-Stage: Learn about the brain mechanics of trauma.
  • Mid-Stage: Connect these brain mechanics to behavior.
  • End-Stage: Develop a comprehensive understanding of how trauma affects brain, body and behavior in your students.

I think you'll find this week's episode truly helpful in orienting yourself as you start on your "trauma-informed" teaching journey.

In it, you’ll learn…

  1. How changing your "story" will change the way you show up with your students. 
  2. How cutting-edge science will indubitably change the way we think about our students.
  3. Each sub-stage within Stage 1, and how you can identify where you are now!

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