May 5, 2021 by Julia Rose 




To tell you the truth... I believe every human could probably use a few Social Stories to help make sense of their lives. 

A Social Story is something that helps us create a comprehensive narrative around significant and impactful experiences in our lives, and is especially helpful for those experiences that involve trauma, loss, change or confusion. 

And for kids... it means everything to have an adult sit down to help us make sense and make meaning of what is going on around us, or what has happened to us.

It's a tool that can literally can help us process through the emotional residue of a traumatic experience. 

In this episode, I share yet another powerful mini-training, walking you through everything you need to know about creating Social Stories with your students. (And if you listen to the end, I share how you can make one with your entire class, too!)

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Meaningful Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why we create Social Stories and Who they are for
  • The 3-Part Formula for creating meaningful narratives around stressful experiences
  • A nuanced perspective on how to navigate creating these around sensitive subjects.



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