Episode #5: [PODCAST MINI-SERIES] Stage 3 - The Skill Set You Need to Be Able to Work With Challenging Students

January 8, 2020 by Julia Rose





Stage 3 on The Path of Progress is all about: "Skill Set." 

Once we understand the impact of trauma on the developing brain, many teachers ask... What the heck can we do about it?

So, here's the Million Dollar Question: What Skills do you need to build to effectively work with and engage your traumatized students?

Building a comprehensive toolbox filled with tools, approaches and actual skills that help you regulate, engage, connect with and respect your students is absolutely key to building trauma-informed classrooms.

In this episode, Julia Rose walks you through what building that toolbox of Skills will start to look like.

Being an effective trauma-informed teacher means that you understand your options and feel comfortable in utilizing these approaches to work with your students.


So, if you're wanting to track where YOU are in Stage 3: Skill Set, take a look at each of these sub-stages to determine where you are today and where you'll be moving to next: 

  • Early-Stage: You really understand this idea of "building a Toolbox," and you start to identify the need for developing a certain skill set.
  • Mid-Stage: Actually walk through the outlined trainings to help you understand the key approaches that you can use in certain situations.
  • End-Stage: Start (and keep) practicing with your students, colleagues, loved ones and friends!

This week’s episode is really centered around identifying, building and honing your relational skills, and so I hope you'll identify where you are in this stage and how it'll apply to your work.

In it, you’ll learn…

  1. Why crafting this "Toolbox" is only going to help you while you're at the front of your classroom.
  2. Some of the skill-building trainings that you can take.
  3. Each sub-stage within Stage 2, and how you can identify where you are now!

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