Episode #7: [PODCAST MINI-SERIES] Stage 5 - Taking What You Learn About Trauma and Applying it to Your Classroom Structure 

January 22, 2020 by Julia Rose





Stage 5 on The Path of Progress is all about: "Structure." 

What can you do to literally cultivate a classroom structure and daily schedule that anticipates physiological and emotional needs, and is accommodating to students with traumatic stress?

  • Sharing Circles?
  • Calming Corners?
  • Brain Breaks?
  • Afternoon Check-ins?

And how about that long-forgotten Nap Time? (Yes, I'm talking about for YOU, TOO, teachers!)

In this episode we talk about several ways that you can start to integrate all that you've learned about Neuroscience, Brain Development and Relationships in a way that fosters a healthy learning environment in your classroom.

And if you're wanting to track where YOU are in Stage 5: Structure, take a look at each of these sub-stages to determine where you are today and where you'll be moving to next: 

  • Early-Stage: You are identifying current opportunities for brain and body breaks.
  • Mid-Stage: You get to identify bio needs of self and students, and develop bio-friendly calendars.
  • End-Stage: You implement your new classroom structure and regularly assess impact.

This week’s episode is really centered around how you decide to structure your classroom and your day, and so I hope you'll identify where you are in this stage and how it'll apply to your work.

In it, you’ll learn…

  1. Some concrete ideas that you can use for your own classroom Structure.
  2. Each sub-stage within Stage 5, and how you can identify where you are now!

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