Episode #8: [PODCAST MINI-SERIES] Stage 6 - Building Trauma-Informed School Practices, Procedures and Policies 

January 29, 2020 by Julia Rose





You made it to the final stage on The Path of Progress!

Stage 6 is all about the School.

Now that you've learned the fundamental aspects of how to work with your students, integrated some significant shifts in how you deliver education to them, and you've built a healthier classroom environment, you get to now serve your greater school community by passing this information along. 

To your fellow staff.

To your administrators.

To the greater school community.

Because extending these practices into the school as a whole will ensure that you and your students are receiving a continuity of care and support that will truly move this needle forward.

Crafting flexible school policies that reflect a relationship-first approach, identifying procedures for working with challenging students or situations, and supporting staff in these new practices and approaches - all of these are part of a trauma-informed school's ongoing development.

And this is what we talk about in this week's episode!

So if you're wanting to track where YOU are in Stage 6: School, take a look at each of these sub-stages to determine where you are today and where you'll be moving to next: 

  • Early-Stage: You are identifying current resources for staff and students, as well as protocols and policies around behavior.
  • Mid-Stage: You engage school admin and staff in discussion around trauma-informed care for students.
  • End-Stage: You establish and hone community resources for your school community.

This week’s episode is really centered around how expand these practices to your entire school.

In it, you’ll learn…

  1. The two groups that teachers can find themselves in within their schools.
  2. Why taking these practice to the next level - the school - is essential for helping your students (and you).
  3. Each sub-stage within Stage 6, and how you can identify where you are now!

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