April 3, 2020 by Julia Rose 

EPISODE #9: Create Your COVID-19 Connection Campaign Mini-Training



Now, more than anything else, your students need YOU. And rather than the new virtual lessons or additional homework, they need your CONNECTION

And in today's episode, I walk you through the 5-steps to create your very own Connection Campaign to ensure that you are able to reach your students and track your connections on an ongoing basis.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • When you're thinking about how to best serve your students as we collectively navigate COVID-19 by sheltering-in-place, you might find yourself coming up against barrier after barrier for reaching (let alone teaching) your students.
  • Tons of teachers have been pacing back-and-forth in their new four-walled "workplaces "(uhhh... home) wondering: "What can I possibly do? How are my kiddos gonna get through this? Should I be doing anything while we're out of school?"
  • Which is why I wanted to bring you a practical and actionable solution to our current "physical distancing" problem. This "Create Your COVID-19 Connection Campaign Mini-Training" is all about helping you find the best way to reach and connect with each of your students in this current climate... and I think it will be extremely helpful to you as you search for ways to mobilize, serve and support those who need it most. 

By the way, if you're already doing video classes or remote sessions with your students, this is still an excellent lesson for organizing and personalizing your approach with them. AND I want to make sure that you download the freebie  which has the exact steps we are going to walk through in this episode. In the freebie, you’ll see a breakdown of each of the steps and a worksheet that you can use to jot down ideas and details specific to your own process.

ALSO, you're definitely going to want to download and copy the Connection Campaign Google Spreadsheet to use as a tool for organizing your whole campaign. (You'll gain access to it once you download the Freebie below!)


With your freebie at the ready, get ready to dive into your connection campaign here.


Check out these highlights:

  • How the current shutdowns have affected your students' "relational webs" [---]
  • Why "dosing" out connection to your students is the medicine they need most right now [----]
  • Why committing to creating a connection campaign is the most important thing you can do for your students right now [-----]
  • The 5 steps that'll set you up for your campaign [-----]
  • How to determine which tools to use. [------]
  • The final step: Setup and Go! [----]
  • How you can "copy" and customize the Connection Campaign spreadsheet that I've created for you! [-----]


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